Welcome JANOEL8-48 Egg Incubator

Welcome to Country Life of JANOEL8-48 Incubator.  I have been searching for an inexpensive egg incubator these past few months and may I say my search for reviews were lacking the data I wanted to read as to whether a particular model was worth the consideration.
I found a blog thread from Australia that gave several positive reviews towards the JN8-48 newest model and the JN8-48 was in my price range for a beginners use of an egg incubator.  If your willing to spend several hundred dollars on an egg incubator, then you'll be able to find good reviews towards the purchase of an upper end egg incubator.
I use sitting hens throughout the summer to hatch my eggs and the success rate is nearly 100%.  I have visited with local poultry enthusiast about their success rate with the use of an egg incubator and most have a fair to poor hatch rate with their egg incubator.
I purchased the JN8-48 incubator from E-bay and it  arrived last Friday in great condition.  I read the instructions and plugged it in for a test period.  I will post regular events about the JN8-48 to help the reader get a feel for this particular model.

The JN8-48 incubator is performing well using the dry incubation method.


  1. Hi, I'm Italian ... sorry for my bad English!
    One question: I know the real meaning of the parameters HU and HD?

    1. Heating Element (HU and HD)
      Parameter HU and HD, set by factory and is not supposed to be modified by user. HU default setting 18 and HD default setting is 11.
      These are setting I haven't adjusted as the heating unit starts and stops within 1 degree Celsius of my set temperature.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks Bryon, you're very kind.
    We try to better understand this incubator that .... I think, if well regulated, is a good incubator.

    Two issues:

    1) I know the values 18 for HU and 11 for HD, but do not understand what can happen by changing them. For example, should replace the 18 with 55 (for example) what would happen?

    2) I made the mistake (perhaps) to change these values and bring them to 18 and 11 .... but in my first Janoel were different !!!!

  3. Hi I have the one with grey bottom so you cant see in can you get the clear one to replace it with out the top part thanks

  4. what are the dimensions of this incubator? thank you

  5. I am giving you clearance dimensions (incubator in fit in this area) 20 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 11 inches tall. Thank you for viewing the blog.

  6. Hello.i want the controlen.where i shop this controlen

  7. Ebay.com may have items, unknown store at present time.