Hatch percentages

This page will display each hatch percentage.
Hatch Number
  1. 25% issue temperature setting
  2. 15% issue temperature, adjusted J8-48 temperature setting.
  3. 31% issue cold winter days while gathering eggs.
  4. 50% issue cold winter days.
  5. 41% issue cold winter and unknown cause for unhatched chicks.
  6. 16% issue had a lot of clears due to cold weather and then I most likely had the humidity to high since several chicks had died at different stages.
  7. 76% issue had a lot of clears for some reason, the low humidity level did help and I didn't have a lot of drowned chicks in non-hatched eggs.  May have had low humidity during the hatch midway causing a few chicks unable to break their shells.
  8. 37.5% dry humidity incubation, several chicks didn't complete the hatch during the last stage.
  9. 52% dry humidity incubation, incubator placed in tin barn and heated up during the afternoon's.
  10. 73.53% dry humidity incubation, incubator placed in the garage since its summer.  The chicks  hatched on day 19 and 20 due to the eggs being stored in the warm barn before placed in the incubator.
  11. 77% dry humidity incubation,  incubator placed in non-heated barn with a bath towel wrap along the side to help hold the heat since its still winter.  Most chicks hatched on the 20th day.  2 tablespoons of water added to water channels when the alarms sounded at 0.
  12. Minus the 18 clear eggs from 48 the other 30 eggs hatched giving me 100% hatch.  From the 30 eggs all chicks hatch without any trouble.
  13. 58% need a younger rooster because I had 19 clear eggs and only 17 chicks hatched from the 29 developed eggs.  May have had a heat issue during the hatch.

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