Hardware Review

The JN8-48 parts are made of plastic, the outer shell feels durable for regular handling.  Would the plastic crack if you dropped the unit?  Probably!  The lid has four clear viewing ports and 2 air flow ports.  The operation reading display is digital and easy to read and the setting buttons are large enough to push during adjustments or re-set.      

Under the hatching tray are two water channels for the humidity during incubation.  The hatching tray is tight fitting within the outer shell and if you have large fingers I would suggest finding a tool to hook the tray to lift out from the bottom base.  Initial review of the tray looks like it can be cleaned with a brush and a cleaning agent.

The egg turner motor wire plugs into a lead wire on the lid and this restricts the distance you have to move the lid away from the bottom unit during maintenance. The egg turner rotates every 2 hours and the 2013 model is suppose to be made of heavier plastic from the earlier version.  Without eggs the turner moves smoothly and I am anxious to see how the tray moves with 48 eggs.

I have ran 12 incubation cycles and the incubator is operating properly.  I do clean the incubator and handle with care since its made of plastic after each use.  Once I am done I store the incubator in its original box for save storage.

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