Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time To Add A New Rooster!

This was a dry incubation through day 19 and I added 4 tablespoons of water after the egg turner was removed for the hatch that began on day 20.  The humidity hung around 15-25% throughout the first 19 days and when I added the water it raised to 65% and steadily lowered to around 35% on the 21st day.  I had a heat issue during the hatch that killed a few chicks before they hatched.  Most likely cause by the sunny day warming up my metal shop while I had the door closed and didn't have a breeze passing through my shop.  My temperature alarm never alerted me.

When I candled the eggs on the 19th day I had 19 clears which is telling me my 3 year old rooster is not getting the job complete plus a handful of hens are the same age as well.  The coyote or bobcat snatched my young rooster in February and just replace a young rooster in April.  From the 29 developed eggs 17 hatched which isn't a good hatch rate.  External conditions most likely reduced this hatch rate.

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