Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last Hatch For 2015

Hatch 10 is complete with a 73.53% hatch rate using the dry incubation method.  Of the 48 eggs to begin with 25 hatched with the remaining eggs clears.  Not sure why I had so many clears when I had plenty of roosters in the barnyard mix pen.  I'm after brown egg layers from this batch.

The humidity ran in the 20% range most of the time, unless a storm passed over and then the humidity raised to the 30% range.  I never noticed the humidity above 40% nor did I add any water through day 18.

Once day 19 rolled around I had chicks already hatched before I had removed the egg turner.  Once the egg turner was removed I filled the water channels and the humidity jumped to 69%, which is a little high for me, but I did okay because this group of chicks mostly hatched on day 19 and finished on day 20.  With the warm summer air and 69% humidity the chicks didn't dry off too soon in the incubator that was in the garage.  I had the eggs resting in my barn  a couple of days before they were placed in the incubator.  The barn got rather warm during the day from the summer heat and I think this just started the incubation before the incubator went to work.

My neighbor let me use 2 Little Giant model 9200 still air incubators along with using the Janeol8-48.  These eggs did not hatch until day 21 and finished on day 22.  I had around 34 eggs in each Little Giant and of the 68 eggs 44 chicks hatched.  I had to hand roll the eggs, and rolled them morning and evening only.  These eggs were dry incubation as well and water added on the 19th day to the water channels.  The high humidity did keep the chicks damp after they hatched and were much happier in the brooder once they were removed from the incubators.

Overall, all the incubators mentioned in this blog have worked best with dry incubation.  Meaning don't add any water until day 19 when the chicks are ready to hatch.  This has reduced drowning chicks when they peep the air sac before peeping the eggshell.

I have plenty of pullets for the season so I will store the incubators until next spring.  Best of luck on your incubation. 

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