Saturday, May 16, 2015

Janoel8-48 Conitnues Low Percentage Hatch

Hatch number eight with Janoel8-48 resulted in a 37.5% hatch and I was disappointed in these results.  I followed the dry humidity incubation method; day 1 through 18 I didn't add any water to the incubator.  The incubator humidity measured 12-15% most of the time and when a storm passed through the humidity raised to 21%.  Day 10 candling was promising with only a handful of clears.

Day 19 the eggs were removed from the egg turner and I added 2 cups of water to the water channel.  This raised the humidity to 60-65% and it remained at this reading through the end of day 21.  Most of the chicks hatched on day 20.

At the end of day 21, I opened the lid and removed the chicks.  I had 2 eggs cracked open, but the chicks were stuck to their membrane and they were all slimy for being in the egg too long.  The water channel was completely dry and I was bother with viewing a dry water channel and the humidity reading was still showing 60% at the end of day 21.  The incubator needed a little water for those last chicks to hatch properly.

Over a dozen eggs didn't hatch and after inspection 6-8 of those eggs were fully developed and something failed towards the last stage for a hatch.  Not sure if the 2 cups of water was too much and the eggs absorbed the water, causing a drown when the chicks peeped the air sac or something else is going on and I haven't figured this problem out yet.

On the next incubation I will only add 1/4 cup of water at day 19 for humidity rate of 45% and add 1/4 cup daily through day 21 and analyze the results.

On a brighter note I have sitting hens who are hatching eggs without issues.

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