Friday, April 3, 2015

Hatch 7 Attempting Low Humidity Incubation

12 Ebay Ohiki Phoenix Bantams eggs are among the 48 eggs and I'm hoping for some red Ohiki's hatch.  I am attempting another low humidity incubation with the humidity running between 30-45%.  At the moment I'm having trouble maintaining this range through a 24 hour period. 
Couple of days ago before starting the incubation I place 1 tablespoon of water in the incubator and had a 45% humidity for 6 or 7 hours and then it steadily dropped and I added 1/8 cup water 12 hours later.  The 1/8 cup raised the humidity to 32 % for another 7 hours before dropping to 27 % for awhile.  When I added the eggs to the incubator I cut a sponge in half length ways and laid the 2 pieces in the center of the incubator soaked with water.  The humidity is in the mid 40's thirty minutes after the lid was placed back on the incubator. 
I'm hoping by adding water to the sponges will stabilize the humidity in the 30-40 % with less than 1/8 cup of water for a longer period throughout the  day. The prior methods of 1/4 cup or more of water to the water channels would raise the humidity to 50-60% ranges and I want to avoid this.  I am drowning too many chicks in their eggs before they hatch.  This is happening when the humidity is too high and water absorbs into the egg filling the air sac.  The chick drowns as it peeps the air sac that's holding water to breath before peeping the eggshell.
I will make another adjustment to the humidity alarm setting and will be lowering it to 5% before the alarm sounds,  this hopefully will make it through a 24 hour period without sounding the alarm in the early morning hours before I get out of bed.
The Marsh RX incubator at the school is on track with developing eggs.  We are adding 1/4 cup of water daily while school is in session.  On the weekends no water is added.  Eggs were candled on the 5th day and the majority had developing embryos.   

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