Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marsh RX Continues a Good Hatch

Round 2 with the Marsh RX incubation completed with a 64% hatch rate.  42 chicks, 16 clears and 8 eggs didn't hatch among the 66 eggs.  Not too bad considering the cold winter working against the egg gathering. 
Incubator is ready for a school project within a couple of weeks.
Nice assortment of chicks that hatched on Day 20 and 21.

This RX didn't come with a water fountain for humidity within the incubator so I put this water bottle/tubing system together and it works fine.  Each line on the water bottle equals 1/4 cup of water.  During the hatch a 1/2 cup would evaporate within 8 hours.  Otherwise, I added 1/4 cup twice daily during the first 18 days.

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