Friday, March 27, 2015

Marsh RX Automatic Loaded with Eggs

Third hour Agri-Science Class at Sedan loaded the Marsh incubator with 70 eggs on Wednesday and the lesson on incubating begins for 8 freshman.  The thermometer with a wick to measure the humidity isn't reading properly, so I am relying on the instruction manual with water at the first post should have humidity in the 48% level.  Adding 1/4 cup water comes to the first post and has been evaporating at 24 hours.  During the week students will add water when it has evaporated,  and weekends will be dry humidity incubation.

The students inspected their eggs and several eggs were given names based on their size or color.  After the incubator was filled a couple dozen eggs were left over and the students decided to take the remaining eggs to home economics and fixed themselves scrambled eggs.

I will let you know the outcome of the hatch.  As for the Janoel8-48 incubator I am taking a brief break because I have roughly a 100 chicks from the recent hatch's and my pens or brooders are full.      

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