Sunday, March 15, 2015

Humidity Too High

Something went wrong with incubation # 6 using Janoel8-48  as only 8 chicks hatched and 11 died at different stages through day 21.  I suspect the humidity remained too high after I added water to the channels.  I wanted a dry hatch incubation with the humidity running in the 30's through the first 18 days.  However, my effort created a 60% humidity for several hours before the humidity dropped down into the 40-30% levels.

I used a squeeze bottle with tubing and added 1/4 cup water once the humidity dropped below 20% and never lifted the lid until the 19th day when I removed the egg turner.  My problem may have been when I added water and the humidity raised to 60% and held that range for several hours before dropping into the 40's for most of the day, then gradually dropping off to the teens before I added more water.  The water channels were drying out regularly on a 24 hour period.

The positive side is the squeeze bottle kept the humidity at 60% during the hatch period.  When I start the next incubation, I will use a syringe to add water by tablespoon measurements to get the 30% humidity level.

A lot of clears were in this batch of eggs and I wasn't surprised either.  I had been gathering eggs on very cold days.  Our cold days are hopefully behind us now and were ready to enjoy spring.


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