Monday, February 23, 2015

Hatch 5 Produced a Bucket of Chicks

Brrr! This bucket is cold!
Hatch 5 is complete with a 41% hatch rate.  48 eggs to start with had 17 clears at day 11.  This tells me I was working against the winter days and not collecting eggs on a timely manner throughout the day.  Once the hatch started 20 chicks are healthy, 11 didn't hatch and they were fully developed.  This is a continuing problem I'm dealing with and I haven't figured out the cause.
Hatch number 6 has started and ole man winter is definitely working against me.  I lowered the humidity alarm setting to 27% and my goal is to run the humidity 30-40% in the incubator through day 18.  A seasoned Dry Incubation follower thought my humidity levels were too high the first 18 days and I probably was drowning my chicks when they pipped the air sac drowning themselves from condensated water within the air sac.    I found several good articles by googling Dry Incubation Hatch.

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