Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marsh Automatic Incubator RX-NAS

Brought the schools incubator home and have been making it ready for a class project in a couple of months.  The 2005 Marsh Automatic Incubator model RX-MAS comes with an auto turner tray and the tray chosen by a former instructor selected a large hen egg size.  If you notice the plastic eggs shells; they are holding my bantam eggs that would otherwise fall through the tray.  Once the tray turner rotated several of the small eggs lodged the turner.  Luckily moving the eggs in the center row away from the bottom stand construction fixed my egg jam.  
61 eggs
 Marsh RX-NAS

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fourth Incubation Begins

My specialty pullets began laying the first of January and it has been cold since the 1st.  Temperature's barely rising above 32 degree's during the day and plummeting into the teen's of a night.  While home I've attempted to gather the eggs every couple of hours during this time.  However, several of the eggs felt cold and I wonder if I have a few eggs too chilled for incubation.
I guess I'll know in 21 days whether they were too cold.

Poultry breeds in the incubator are:  Black Breasted Red OEG, Schubert Line Black Phoenix, SL Black Phoenix/Red Phoenix Pullet, Blue Sumatra, Gold Phoenix, Lavender Orpington, Red Phoenix, Speckled Sussex, White Phoenix.
Nice selection of new pullet eggs.
I adjusted the thermostat on the Janoel8 to read 99.5 degrees with my newest thermometer.  The last hatch occurred on the 21st and 22nd day.  I raised the thermometer a couple of tenths from the last setting and hopefully this will give me a hatch on the 21st day.