Friday, December 26, 2014

Three Thermometers

I received an incubator thermometer with the 99.5° marking for Christmas and when I compared the thermometer reading with the 2 other thermometer's, I got 3 different readings! Seriously why is this a challenge.

Today is the beginning of the 19th day and the turning tray was removed.  I candled the 24 eggs and all looked good for the final days before the hatch.  The weather has been holding in the 50's an my humidity level has remained around the 65% until the 1 cup of water evaporates in a 24 hour period.

Today I placed 1 3/4 cup of water in the channels for the last three days and my humidity is 73%, hopefully this will drop a few overnight.

I didn't have any eggs piped as I previously had on the 19th day,  hopefully correcting the temperature setting for the 3rd hatch will bring the hatch closer to the 21st day.

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