Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Temperature Test for a Few Days

Anxious to begin the third round with Janoel8, but I feel the temperature needs adjusted to increase my hatch rate especially with the many dead embryo chicks in the past 2 incubation's.  I have 2 thermometers inside the incubator and I will collect readings at various times for the next few days.

The instruction manual suggested a 37.6°C setting and I kept this sitting for the first 2 incubation's.  As of now I have the temperature setting at 37.2°C and my 2 thermometers are reading 99.5°F and 100°F.  I will rotate the thermometers around the incubator for a couple of days to make sure I am at the 99.5°F reading. 

Update;  the incubator has been running at 37.2°C for 5 days now and the two thermometers inside continue to read 99.5°F and 100°F as I move them around to different areas.  Last night I calibrated the temperature setting by holding the set button for three seconds then moved the + sign until I came to CA.  When CA was displayed I quickly pushed set button and moved the - button setting to -.03.  The incubator will return to normal on its own after adjustment.  I adjusted Janoel8 temperature display to 37.5°C and continued monitoring the external thermometer temperatures and noticed I was now cooler holding 98.0°F, so recalibrated my settings +.03°.  After the second calibration my thermometers have been displaying 99.5° and 100°F.  The 37.5°C is the reading I want displayed.

I've noticed the cloudy damp weather outside has helped with holding the humidity in the low 60% range after placing 2 cups of water in the water channels.  I will only add 1 cup the next time when the humidity drops to mid 40% range.

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