Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Better Hatch

Round 3 incubation went through the 22nd day and of the 24 eggs candled on the 10th day 15 hatched.  2 Barred Rocks and the remainder are barnyard mix.  One chick hatched at the end of the 20th day, 7 hatched on the 21st day and 7 hatched throughout the 22nd day.  Nice to have a fair hatch and may want to raise temperature on the next incubation so everything hatches on the 21st day.  The humidity level was in the upper 60% when 1 cup of water was added and steadily dropped as it evaporated within a 24 hour period.  Interesting I had to add water almost daily, verses the previous incubation's I didn't add water daily.
Three thermometers were placed inside the incubator for comparison and wouldn't you know each had a different reading by 2 degrees.  The oldest thermometer with the 99.5° reading is what I used to adjust the Janoel8-48 thermometer and this thermometer is reading lower than the other 2  new thermometers.  I may need to adjust the Janoel8-48 thermometer for a the next incubation to have a completed hatch at the end of the 21day.

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