Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Better Hatch

Round 3 incubation went through the 22nd day and of the 24 eggs candled on the 10th day 15 hatched.  2 Barred Rocks and the remainder are barnyard mix.  One chick hatched at the end of the 20th day, 7 hatched on the 21st day and 7 hatched throughout the 22nd day.  Nice to have a fair hatch and may want to raise temperature on the next incubation so everything hatches on the 21st day.  The humidity level was in the upper 60% when 1 cup of water was added and steadily dropped as it evaporated within a 24 hour period.  Interesting I had to add water almost daily, verses the previous incubation's I didn't add water daily.
Three thermometers were placed inside the incubator for comparison and wouldn't you know each had a different reading by 2 degrees.  The oldest thermometer with the 99.5° reading is what I used to adjust the Janoel8-48 thermometer and this thermometer is reading lower than the other 2  new thermometers.  I may need to adjust the Janoel8-48 thermometer for a the next incubation to have a completed hatch at the end of the 21day.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Three Thermometers

I received an incubator thermometer with the 99.5° marking for Christmas and when I compared the thermometer reading with the 2 other thermometer's, I got 3 different readings! Seriously why is this a challenge.

Today is the beginning of the 19th day and the turning tray was removed.  I candled the 24 eggs and all looked good for the final days before the hatch.  The weather has been holding in the 50's an my humidity level has remained around the 65% until the 1 cup of water evaporates in a 24 hour period.

Today I placed 1 3/4 cup of water in the channels for the last three days and my humidity is 73%, hopefully this will drop a few overnight.

I didn't have any eggs piped as I previously had on the 19th day,  hopefully correcting the temperature setting for the 3rd hatch will bring the hatch closer to the 21st day.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Round Three Incubation

The left side is a dozen Brabanter eggs from crème and gold stock through an EBay purchase.  I really need a rooster from this hatch, LOL.  The blue eggs are from Crème Legbar stock.  The rest of the eggs are from the barnyard mix.  Hopefully, I have the temperature setting adjusted from recalibrating the temperature. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Temperature Test for a Few Days

Anxious to begin the third round with Janoel8, but I feel the temperature needs adjusted to increase my hatch rate especially with the many dead embryo chicks in the past 2 incubation's.  I have 2 thermometers inside the incubator and I will collect readings at various times for the next few days.

The instruction manual suggested a 37.6°C setting and I kept this sitting for the first 2 incubation's.  As of now I have the temperature setting at 37.2°C and my 2 thermometers are reading 99.5°F and 100°F.  I will rotate the thermometers around the incubator for a couple of days to make sure I am at the 99.5°F reading. 

Update;  the incubator has been running at 37.2°C for 5 days now and the two thermometers inside continue to read 99.5°F and 100°F as I move them around to different areas.  Last night I calibrated the temperature setting by holding the set button for three seconds then moved the + sign until I came to CA.  When CA was displayed I quickly pushed set button and moved the - button setting to -.03.  The incubator will return to normal on its own after adjustment.  I adjusted Janoel8 temperature display to 37.5°C and continued monitoring the external thermometer temperatures and noticed I was now cooler holding 98.0°F, so recalibrated my settings +.03°.  After the second calibration my thermometers have been displaying 99.5° and 100°F.  The 37.5°C is the reading I want displayed.

I've noticed the cloudy damp weather outside has helped with holding the humidity in the low 60% range after placing 2 cups of water in the water channels.  I will only add 1 cup the next time when the humidity drops to mid 40% range.