Thursday, November 27, 2014

Second Round Incubation Was A Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!
I was holding out for one of my Jubilee Orpington eggs to complete its hatching at the end of day 21, but it didn't survive the hatch.  DANG! was counting on at least one EBay egg to hatch.  7 of the fresh barnyard eggs hatched with 1 hatching on the 19th day and 6 on the 20th day.  As you can see in the photo one of the chicks membrane lining was stuck to his back and he's not too pretty but seems to be okay in the brooder.  A little review of this incubation round 24 of the eggs had been refrigerated prior to incubation and all the eggs were clear.  Seven of the eggs were EBay Jubilee Orpington eggs with 4 of them clear,  2 embryos, and 1 developed chick who didn't survive.  The other 17 eggs were fresh barnyard mix eggs and 4 were clear, 5 embryo, and 1 dead chick.
Upon viewing the dead embryos, chick development stopped between day 11 through the 14th day.  I noticed on my records, day 10 through the 14th day I had to add water regularly to maintain the humidity level above 55%.  This time period was our first cold spell that lasted several days.
The incubator is cleaned and I will begin the 3rd round next week when I have a good selection of fresh eggs.  The 3rd round I will have the Hava-Bator thermometer inside to help maintain an ideal temperature of 99.5° F and may leave some of the egg turner area free to place a wet sponge on the tray if we have cold weather during the incubation. 

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