Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Round Two Incubation with Janoel 8-48

This set of eggs may be a challenge.
This group of eggs consist of 24 olive/blue eggs from Araucana's.  These egg were purchased at a swap and had been refrigerated a few days for consumption instead of incubation.  Years ago I took 12 eggs that had been refrigerated and placed them under a sitting hen and 4 eggs hatched.  So when I came across these Araucana eggs I though lets give it a try.  If the refrigerator temperature didn't get below 40 degrees I might have a chance.
There are 8 Jubilee English Orpington eggs from EBay and with mail delivery eggs the hatch rate varies in low percentages.
There are 11 barnyard eggs from the chickens who provided eggs in round 1 incubation setting.  The remainder 5 eggs are fresh from the hen house today and they will be a brown egg layer mix breed.
I placed another digital thermometer with a probe inside the incubator to see if the reading was the same as the incubator.  The incubator is set at 37.6° C and the digital thermometer read 37° C or
 99° F., I wish the digital had readings in the tenths.  My temperature goal is 99.5° F.  

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