Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Going To Be Cold For A Few Days!

This is day 6 for the second round incubation and I've made a few adjustments.  I've place the incubator on a wooden table to hopefully help balance the heat as I noticed my feet were cool while standing on the tile floor.  The cold weather has reduced the humidity and when I began the 2nd round incubation I placed 3 1/2 cups of water in the water channels instead of 4.  The channels will hold the 3 1/2 cups without overflow.  On day 4 for I added 3 cups when the humidity fell to 45% and that raised it back to 60%.  This morning the humidity had dropped to 46% and I added 2 cups and the humidity returned to 60%.

I borrowed a wireless thermometer from a good friend to help me verify the temperature and have since ordered a non wireless digital thermometer to better check my temperature readings. 

The dozens chicks from the 1st hatch are down to 11.  One of the chicks from the two chicks that needed assistance from their eggshell died and the other chick is far behind from the chicks that hatched themselves.  I have seen this happen with chicks hatched under a hen, where those having trouble hatching late seldom do well or survive in the long run.

The cold weather has blown into Kansas and is suppose to hang around for a couple of weeks.  This will definitely add another challenge to a set of eggs that are already challenged.    

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