Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eggs Are On The Hatching Tray

Candled the 48 eggs and 15 were clear leaving 33 for a hopeful hatch.

Day 18 and this chick has peeped the eggshell.
Day 18 and time to transfer the eggs from the turner to the hatching tray.  I candled the 48 eggs and 33 showed a nice air sac with a dark area within the rest of the egg.  The remaining 15 eggs were clear when I broke them open without any development visible.  One of the eggs the chick has already peeped the eggshell and I was surprised to see this on day 18.  I would rather the chick wait for the others, because I don't want to lift the lid till the majority of the eggs have hatched in order to keep the humidity level at 65% per the instructions.   The humidity has been holding around 60% the last few days.
While candling the eggs I thought I would be able to see a chick on day 18, but even the chick that has peeped the eggshell wasn't recognizable within the egg.  The chick was moving his beak within the egg.

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