Friday, November 14, 2014

Cold Spell Rough on Incubator

It's day 9 on the second round of incubation an the cold weather is taxing the incubator.  The humidity level has dropped to 45% every 2 days after filling water channels with 2 cups since the cold front showed up last Tuesday.  Once I refill the channels the humidity  quickly raises to 60% and then drops gradually the following day.

My digital thermometer Acu Rite 0088 arrived yesterday and I placed the temperature probe in the incubator and so far my incubator temperature and the digital thermometer reading are not matching.  Dang!  The Janoel8 instruction manual recommends a setting of 37.6° C = 99.68° F and the digital thermometer has had various readings from 98.2° to 99. 1° F which is not giving me a good feeling.  I have moved the probe around to various places inside the incubator and I get different readings.  After viewing the various reading I have pulled the digital thermometer out and began comparing it with our other Acu Rite 00782 model and the new digital readings don't match.  Thinking the new digital isn't true and reading the warranty says it has a 1 year return with a $5 handling charge.  Great!  I paid $14 for the digital and is it worth the return! 

My thoughts to a plan of action is:  I am leaving the temperature settings along until the 11th day when I will candle the eggs.  If  the temperature has been to low especially on the 4th day then I am going to be disappointed in my candling.  With the incubator made of plastic I am wondering if keeping a consistent temperature is a greater task when it's cold weather outside.  The room temperature varies between 68-78° F throughout the day.

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