Sunday, November 16, 2014

Candling of Second Round

Humidity alarm was sounding at 5 am this morning, had to drag my self out of a warm bed and placed a cup full of water in the channels until later this morning. The Humidity reading was 44% and the alarm goes off below 45%.

We have our first snowfall for the winter and close to 2 inches so far.  I candled the eggs this morning and the good news is I still have a few developing eggs.  The second round incubation contained 24 refrigerated Araucana eggs and 19 were clears leaving 5 with signs of development.  4 of the 7 eggs from EBay Jubilee Orpington's were clear leaving me 3 with signs of development.  From the 17 fresh barnyard eggs only 1 was clear leaving me with 16 eggs with signs of development.  All of the 25 clears were clear when I broke them open and there are a few of the developing eggs remaining in the incubator that will be questionable at day 18 even though they presented blood vein network.

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