Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome JANOEL8-48 Egg Incubator

Welcome to Country Life of JANOEL8-48 Incubator.  I have been searching for an inexpensive egg incubator these past few months and may I say my search for reviews were lacking the data I wanted to read as to whether a particular model was worth the consideration.
I found a blog thread from Australia that gave several positive reviews towards the JN8-48 newest model and the JN8-48 was in my price range for a beginners use of an egg incubator.  If your willing to spend several hundred dollars on an egg incubator, then you'll be able to find good reviews towards the purchase of an upper end egg incubator.
I use sitting hens throughout the summer to hatch my eggs and the success rate is nearly 100%.  I have visited with local poultry enthusiast about their success rate with the use of an egg incubator and most have a fair to poor hatch rate with their egg incubator.
I purchased the JN8-48 incubator from E-bay and it  arrived last Friday in great condition.  I read the instructions and plugged it in for a test period through Wednesday.  On Wednesday 48 eggs consisting of Buff Orpington and brown egg layer mix will be placed in the incubator.  I will post regular events about the JN8-48 to help the reader get a feel for this particular model. 

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