Monday, October 13, 2014

Display Reading During Test Trail

When my JN8-48 arrived the instructions recommended you set your incubator up and let it run for several days before actually placing your eggs in the incubator.  The displays setting are factory pre-set and within the instructions the only adjustment recommended for change is the temperature setting.
The display setting from top left is the egg turner timer (displaying 0147),  every two hours the turner rotates and this photo shows 1 hour 47 minutes until the next rotation.  The bottom left display is the number of days into incubation (displaying 03 = day 3).  The right top display is the temperature setting and the factory setting is 38.0°C and the instructions recommended to lower it to 37.6°C.  The green buttons to the left of the temperature are the setting adjustments.  Lowering the settings to 37.6°C was easy to adjust by moving the + or - button.  The right bottom button is the humidity level reading and the factory alarm setting is 45%, and the present level is 59% and the instructions suggest the humidity level be 60% during the first 18 days.  I placed 4 cups of water into the water channels during setup.  The instructions stated  water would be added every 4-5 days.
When I first plugged-in the incubator and turned the on button on, the alarm bell sounded until the temperature and humidity level reached your desired settings.  You can push the setting button to re-set the alarm so you don't have to listen to the beep until the proper settings are reached.
As you can see I am into day 3 of the trial run and the incubator temperature has read 37.6°C and the humidity level read 58% on day 1 and 59% since then.
In 2 days I will place eggs in the incubator. 

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