Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 11 Eggs Are Turning

Day 11 and the incubator humidity has been holding between 61-63 % this past week.  Definitely  see the difference when cloudy weather passes through the area.  With the wonderful assistance of Sally we candled a few eggs yesterday evening.  I checked one row of 8 eggs and found 7 eggs showing signs of development with dark areas in the yoke and 1 egg with clear fluid.  Being my first time visually looking at developed candled eggs I am not comfortable with saying I had 7 lively eggs.  However, I candled several of our fresh eggs from the hen house and the visual difference is obvious the 7 candled incubator eggs were different from the fresh eggs and the 1 egg that was clear. 

On the eighth day when I checked the water level in the water channel it was mostly evaporated and I added another 4 cups of water.  The humidity was still holding at 62% and hadn't begin dropping.  This is telling me two things:  the eggs themselves probably effects the humidity level and the operator needs to visually check the water channels every 4 days to see what water level one actually has in the incubator. 

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